These Monitor Stands are Portable Displays for Temporary Setups

Monitor Stand Is Portable w/ Carrying Bag
74" Stands
Mount Horizontal & Vertical
Monitor Stands: Include a Carrying Case
74" TV Stand
Modular & Portable!
Mount Horizontal & Vertical
TV Stand Mount Holds 2 Televisions, Black
83-1/2" Tall
Double-Sided, Back-to-Back Mounts
TV Floor Stand Includes Carrying Cases for Travel, Black
74" Tall
with 31"w Work Counter
Floor TV Stand With Shelf & Locking Wheels, Silver
74" Tall
with 31"w Work Counter
Monitor Stands: Are Over 10 Feet Tall
123" Tall
Holds (2) 50" Televisions
Monitor Stand: With Portable Truss Design
123" Tall
Holds (2) 50" Televisions
Monitor Stand: Towers Over the Competition at 10-Feet High
10ft. High
Holds (2) 50" TVs
80" Monitor Stands Include Travel Case! 10' Tall to Stand Above Crowd!
10' Tall
Holds (2) up to 52" Televisions or (1) 80" TV
Monitor Stand is Portable for (2) TVs
8' x 10'
Holds (2) up to 50" TVs
Travel Case
Monitor Stands Include Custom 8' x 8' Graphic!
8' x 10'
Holds (2) up to 50" TVs
Includes 8' x 8' Graphic
Travel Case
Monitor Stand Includes Television Stand, Pop-Up Counter, & Mural Display!
10ft PopUp Trade Show Booth
High Res 1200 dpi Graphic Mural
With Curved End Caps
Monitor Stand features Graphic Pop-Up Display, TV Stands, & Trade Show Counter!
7-Day Lead
8' Pop-Up Hi-Res 1200 dpi
Portable Counter
(2) TV Stands
Monitor Stand with TV Stand, Counter, & Banner Stands!
Trade Show Kit w/
Counter, 10' TV Stand,
& (2) Banner Stands
monitor stands in use

Who needs portable LCD monitor stands? Occasionally, flat screen TV setups are needed for only a short time, A few examples include temporary setups at trade shows, job fairs, or for special sales promotions. Flat panel monitor stands presenting portable knockdown designs make setting up and breaking down easy to manage. The added bonus of reducing its storage footprint also makes these monitor floor stands desirable. These flat screen monitor stands boast ingenious engineering, offering dependable support while showing heavy flat screens then reducing down to the bare minimum when collapsed. The disassembled flat screen monitor stands fit into convenient carrying bags (not including the TV), ready to be moved and/or stored for the next event. For exhibitors or store supervisors looking for a portable method to display their digital signage or video, these selections provide the solution. We manufacture flat panel monitor stands with portable designs in a number of styles and finishes.

Who benefits from portable monitor stands?

What are the main materials of a portable flat screen monitor stand?

Let's take a closer look at these flat screen mounts. Starting with our proprietary "Truss" design, this model has taken the market by storm due to its ease of use and dynamic appearance. The stand is basically a modular design with sets of collapsible truss sections stacked on top of each other. Assembling this flat screen monitor stand doesn't even require tools! The post sections on the truss turn independently. Place the first section on top of the base and turn the posts to screw down into it. The next truss section is placed on top of the first, which screws into that one, and so on. The last step is to affix the VESA mount to the stand, and finally the TV. You're left with a stylish LCD TV stand sure to draw a crowd to your booth. This knockdown stand is also available in a dual TV model, able of showing 2 flat screen TVs.

Flat Screen Monitor Stand Another portable stand preference is the extruded pole tower, rising over 10 feet tall. This model is much simpler in design when compared to the truss version, but provides just the same impact with viewers. Due to its tall height, 2 flat panel TVs can be displayed at one time. The advantage with such a tall stand enables your digital content to be seen from great distances. Standing out at a trade show is the first rule of displaying and this mammoth LCD monitor stand can attract people way before they even reach your stall or booth. This stand features pole sections which are connected with allen keys, and setup only takes a matter of minutes. The two VESA mounting brackets are fully adjustable, qualified to slide up or down the poles to position your TV just so.

What do you plan to display on your flat panel TVs? The choices are many. We supply a number of digital signage solutions for marketers and exhibitors, ranging from simple to complex. Starting with the simple packages, we offer the WesternDigital® media player which can display slideshows or video clips. This setup doesn't require a computer hookup. All you have to do is download your slideshow or video content onto a flash drive, insert it into the media player, and instantly see it on screen. The BrightSign® media player steps it up a notch by offering continually updating content in the form of "sign channels". Subscribing to any number of these online channels, you can display news, sports, weather, and entertainment news. Rounding out the lineup, the media player by ViewSonic® offers all the bells and whistles. While it can offer most of what the first two players can do, it also allows you to create custom built digital signage. Design scrolling templates and advertisements that can display alongside Live TV. This setup points targeted content to your audience! supplies many LCD mount options for the end user. We stock our merchandise on-site in various warehouses, so when a customer settings an order the item ships out that day, not in a week. Most purchases processed before 1:00 pm EST ship out same day, while others may require a bit of setup time in the case of stands with custom printed graphics. Call 1-800-572-2194 with questions or you can also contact us via email or on the live chat feature located throughout the website. If you have questions about a particular model or need help understanding the necessities of digital signage template construction, we're here to help!